About Me

Hi, I’m Skye, a Designer, Graphic Artist and Filmmaker living in New York City – I have a passion for telling meaningful, empathetic and interactive stories using the visual medium.

I’m originally from Washington, D.C. but I moved west to Colorado and California and then back east to Brooklyn, NY where I now reside.  An early love of Legos, model trains and stop-motion led me to a career in design and visual storytelling. I have spent the last 15 years working extensively in theatrical design, filmmaking and graphic design. I majored in Film & Media Studies at Colorado College with a minor in Performance Design.

Films I have directed and produced have appeared and won awards at numerous film festivals including Sonoma International Film Festival, Santa Fe International Film Festival, the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival and more.

Never satisfied with tackling only one medium, my interest in interactivity, paired with my theatrical design experience led me to design and build my own escape rooms. Investigating not only how we see our visual world, but how that teaches us to interact with it has not only informed my continued work in interactivity but also how I go about design for both theater and film.

In 2019 I began teaching filmmaking courses as a Visiting Lecturer at Colorado College. CC’s unique “block plan” emphasizes in-depth learning and taught me to throw all of my energy behind one task, one project, until it was complete. When teaching my courses, Advanced Filmmaking, and, Visual Effects and Animation, I strive to give my students the same tools that have helped me in my career, a strong comprehension of how to tell effective and meaningful stories using the visual medium.

Pushed to work from my home for most of the last few years, I’ve moved from building physical worlds for theater and film to creating digital landscapes in the fields of graphic design, animation and visual effects.

This focus on digital world-building has led to a holistic approach by which I view all my work. Whether I am designing for the stage, the screen or the computer, my work aims to tell visual stories that connect to people, and encourage them to interact either physically, mentally or emotionally with what they are seeing.

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