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WHAT WE FIND IN THE SEA - short film

Mia, a half Asian teenager, arrives in Alaska to work on her cousin’s salmon fishing boat for the summer to make money for college. Faced with a hostile crew, grueling work, seasickness, and her role in the death of the fish they catch, she is forced to navigate her impending womanhood, her place within the world, and the all powerful sea.

produced by Skye Mahaffie, Corrina Leatherwood, Lucy Houlihan, Emma Franklin

written & directed by Anika Kan Grevstad and Sasha Faust

premiered at LA Shorts Film Festival in 2021

won Best Short Film at The Santa Fe Film Festival in 2022

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JULY RISING - feature film

When 16-year-old Andy loses her grandfather and inherits the family orchard, she also becomes the ward of her estranged aunt from the city and must navigate the path to her future from a small town where independence for young women has never been an option.

produced by Skye Mahaffie, Alexa Yeames

co-produced by Lucy Houlihan, Tom Crandall

written & directed by Chauncey Crail

premiered and won the Audience Award for Best Feature at Sonoma International Film Festival in 2019

sold for distribution in 2020

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BLACK FLAG - short film

Deja, a steadfast black student from Detroit, and Sydney, a bubbly white girl from Georgia, are randomly assigned college roommates. These two new dorm-mates are excited to start their freshman year together, that is, until Sydney decides to decorate their room with a little piece of ‘Southern pride.’

produced by Idris Goodwin, Skye Mahaffie, Lucy Houlihan

written by Idris Goodwin

adapted & directed by Sophia Capp

premiered at the National Black Theatre Film Festival and the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival in 2019

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SHORLINE - short film

Shoreline is about the unpredictable and cyclical nature of life and time. A young woman wakes up depressed on her birthday, dissatisfied with her life. When she escapes to the ocean, she has an encounter with an older woman that sparks an unexpected sense of hope for the future.

produced by Anika Kan Grevstad, Skye Mahaffie, Sasha Faust, Corrina Leatherwood, Alec Sarché, Sam Gasch

written by Isabella Egizi

directed by Lucy Houlihan

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FRONTIER - short documentary

A documentary about a retired bull rider, the younger bull rider who she mentors, and the barriers they both have faced as women in the world of rodeo.

produced and filmed by Skye Mahaffie

directed and edited by Jillian Banner

screened at the 2018 Athena Film Festival

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DILEMMA - short film

Two introverts experience love at first sight but lack the courage to speak to one another.

production design and co-produced by Skye Mahaffie

written and directed by Chauncey Crail

over 1 million views on Youtube

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ON TRACK - short documentary

Made as part of the Colorado Documentary Project, On Track tells the story of a local streetcar museum that aims to bring rail-based public transportation back to the downtown streets of Colorado Springs.

produced, filmed, and edited by Skye Mahaffie

screened at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival and at the 2016 ACM Film Festival

aired on Rocky Mountain PBS in 2016

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BLACK FOREST - short film

After her family rescues a mysterious man while crossing the Oregon Trail, a young pioneer woman must face the brutality of the West to escape with her life.

-directed, filmed, and edited by Skye Mahaffie

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